Thursday, 3 April 2014

Out of Trouble, Origins | beauty

A week or two ago I got a facial by the wonderful people at the Origins counter, which I posted about here. When I was there, I picked up one of my favourite products in the planet, the 'Out of Trouble' Mask, and spoiler alert, it is a 'does what it says on the tin' kind of product.

Origins brands itself as 100% natural. I am definitely not a scientist but something about that always makes me feel better about using the products on my skin.

'Out of Trouble' is meant for just that, the mask is meant to keep breakouts at bay with regular use or can be used to target blemishes when they do appear by calming them down and drawing out the impurities sooner without having to squeeze them, a huge no, no. 

Unlike common clay masks, it comes out like a thick moisturiser and although it does dry quickly it doesn't give the stiff unmovable feel of other masks ending in the inevitable 'I'm trying not to laugh but I can't stop' weird face, however if you leave it longer than the suggested 10 minutes, which I always do, it will begin to flake.

This is how I usually use the mask, I use about a pea sized amount and focus it mainly on my chin, a huge problem area for me. I then put it on active breakouts and use whatever is left in between my brows at the top of my T-Zone. I have combination skin so my cheeks can dry out easily hence why I don't use it all over, no body wants flaking cheeks. If you do want to do a full face mask it is good to use different masks on different parts of your face, so I would normally also use a hydrating mask on the areas not covered by 'Out of Trouble'.

If you're not convinced yet, my brother, a 20 something, football loving, man's man who normally turns his nose up at anything other than soap and water even let me use this on him and liked it.

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