Wednesday, 30 April 2014

My Journey to Ombré | beauty

Struggling to commit to something is a big part of my personality making a pixie cut, bold fringe or Anna Wintour bob pretty much out of the question, so whenever I get the urge for something new with my hair it tends to be the colour I play with.

A couple of years ago in my first year at university my flatmate 'ombréd' my hair using a pack of bleach from Boots on the floor of her bathroom, I actually really loved it, but it was in really bad condition after a while so I cut it out and let my natural colour grow out, but about a month ago I got the urge again. 

Throughout the last 2 years I have played with various levels of dark brown and was bored but I didn't want to go blonde, so Ombré still being somewhat in style and loving it before I decided to give it another go. Feeling older and wiser, not too sure about that last part, I thought I would have it done professionally. I wanted to make sure it didn't go read and looked really nice. 

I went to see my hairdresser and she recommended I colour the top too and quoted my £80 for the colour. So I decided to go for it. 

This is my hair before. It is crazy long I know!

Sadly because my hair had previously been coloured and was pretty dark, even at the hairdressers it needed bleaching and it was a pretty intense session. The bleach was left on for about an hour. 

I was definitely grateful for the latest trashy magazines and of course my instagram feed to get me through the waiting parts as the bleach was just the beginning of a long process. As the bleach is intense and even monitored is not hairs favourite thing we had the rinse it off before it was truly lifted and let it settle for a while before anything else happened, after this a toner was added along with the dark for the top of my hair. 

My hairdresser sliced parts of the hair so it was such a blunt line between the two colours which is the effect I prefer. 

After bleach, two toners and the colour on the top of my hair it had been over 4 hours in the chair and a long day for both of us so this was the result for the end of the day. 

When I got home I was really disappointed, the colour was way too red even after the toners, the lines were really blunt and I felt like it looked and felt no different to when me and my flatmate had done it two years previous. £80 lighter I just wasn't happy and I get along with my hairdresser so I knew I had to go back before being rash and just throwing a brown colour on top of it. 

The next morning I rang the salon and luckily my hairdresser had a free slot so I headed straight there. She literally could not have been more helpful, she got me a tea and told me she would sort it and more than anything was happy that after her 4 hours hard work the day before I hadn't just undone it all. 

Due to it only being the day after, I was warned the toners may not take as my hair had been through a fair amount but I just wanted to get it to a place I was happy with it for now at least. 

Excuse the bare face, I also was having a facial that morning, but after two more toners I was happy, it was a much more subtle gradient meaning the line didn't seem as harsh and even make up free it wasn't clashing with my complexion as much. 

This is it now about 5 weeks on. The toner has washed out a fair bit meaning it has gone a little brassy again, but I was warned about that. 

Overall I am happy with the decision because I have gotten a lot of compliments on the way it looks, but I just think its a bit of a longer process. I am going in for a cut soon as it has reached a too long length, which is something I never thought I would think, so I will probably get it toned again then, but for now at least I'm liking it. 

It's all about managing your expectations I have learnt and the cost of having it done properly doesn't always guarantee a perfect outcome but I am happy I have a great hairdresser who was willing to help me and sort it out. 

If you have any tips on the upkeep of blonde hair or ombré hair please comment below. 

Until next time, 



*My lovely hairdresser took these pics for me on the day using an iPad so I apologise for the quality but we used what we had. 

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