Thursday, 20 March 2014

Throwback Thursday | lifestyle

Photos: 2011, around when I would have written the throwback post. 

On a bid to 'tidy up' my presence across the internet, I have been trying to find all of the accounts I have made throughout the years that have since been left to waste away in cyberland. In doing this I came across my old tumblr account and the posts on it. I can't even remember the last time I used it to be honest, I know it was definitely before this blog existed because I used to occasionally use tumblr as a written blog, anyway, I came across some posts that I thought I would repost on here as a little Throwback Thursday, I have changed a lot and grown up and I can't say all of my views are the same but it's interesting to see where my brain was back then.

Todays Throwback Thursday:
'Haters Gonna Hate' 20th April 2011. 

Social Media, for me is a place to, share, connect and learn. This is why the obsession with ‘Hating’ or ‘Trolling’ just blows my mind.
So why is it people feel the need to ‘hate’?
This morning I woke up to a, well, lengthy comment on a previous post I had made on FaceBook. The post in question, I felt was thought provoking, interesting and maybe even a little bit funny. All things which I everyday enjoy finding myself and in turn sharing.
So, specifics. The post was just a photo of a college lecture theatre, with an accompanying script. It played out a conversation between a student and a professor, battling out the argument of religion. At the end of the article it stated the student was Einstein.
I understand that as much as social media creates platforms for freedom of speech and thought, areas such as religion and politics are still somewhat grey. That however was not the sole purpose of my post. Beliefs aside, when I got to the bottom of the role play and read the student was Einstein I physically laughed and thought ‘wow’. I wanted others to experience or feel the same. For some, the message will speak more truth than others, but it was the mind opening juxtaposition I was excited for others to feel. It’s so easy for people to not have there thoughts challenged in everyday life, and that’s something I feel passionately the Internet and social media can do. Then there’s the ‘backlash’.
On to the comment I received. It’s hard after preaching the power of freedom of speech and opinion on the Internet then complaining about another individuals. I feel though, there is a strict difference. The excitement in freedom and sharing for me is inviting others to feel something you did when looking at a post, no matter how big or small that emotion, just a response. Facebook has a ‘like’ button, but no ‘dislike’. This itself is a physical representation of how I feel towards it. If you did enjoy it or felt positive share it, like it etc, if you didn’t, Ignore the post and find something more appropriate for you. So, the attack I got was, that I was somehow forcing religion and personal beliefs through this post. The negative rant consisted of historical facts to infact ‘prove wrong’ the post, continuing to quote say ‘let’s not use Facebook as a place to preach’.
I was left, quite honestly feeling, almost stressed about this. Challenged in a way to how I should run my Facebook. Challenge, I stated at the start of this post is one of my passions about social media, so now I was a negative recipient of this does it all change. No. I still enjoy challenge, however I feel in someone’s personal space you should respect what they have felt and find something else.
The conclusion for me is, ‘haters’ are always gonna ‘hate’ but it’s how we deal with it that continues to enforce the messages we want to send out.

I might do this again depending what I find, 

Until next time, 


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