Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Pampering on the house | beauty

A while ago on one of my many visits to the beauty counters my city has to offer, I got talking to the girl who worked at Origins and in my confusion of what to buy paired with wanting to buy everything, she offered for me to come back and have a facial to try out a few different things, so this Friday that’s exactly what I did.


As you can see I have really bad skin, I have active breakouts and scaring with patches of hyper pigmentation. This is how my skin is 90% of the time and it is Oily/Combination and Dehydrated.

To say that the facial was going to take place in the store, the Origins counters are always so calming it was a nice environment anyway.

When I arrived I met Nicola, who did my facial, but first she sat down with me to talk a little bit about my skin and what results I wanted.

Then it was time to relax for a while and give my skin some much-needed TLC.

The facial was so relaxing and refreshing, but what I really liked was, because it was with a skincare company, the information on the products and what they do was a lot more in depth than it sometimes is at a spa.

Once I had brought myself back down to reality, Nicola showed me to the products and I treated myself to the ‘Out of Trouble’ mask, which honestly I have wanted for a while. I was also given a sample of ‘Zero Oil’ moisturize as I am constantly, as well documented on this very blog, searching for right moisturizer for my skin and under my makeup.

Here are all the products used, next on my purchase list are ‘Modern Friction’, ‘Drink Up’ and the ‘GinZing’.

Here’s a quick after, obviously the break outs are still there but in person, my skin was honestly glowing and felt so, so much nicer.

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