Friday, 14 March 2014

My Weight Loss Journey, Log 4 | lifestyle

Oh my goodness, I'm a failure, a fraud and a loser and not in a good way. I have completely fallen off the wagon and am trying to catch it back up.

I thought I had genuinely changed my life, mindset and eating habits forever, I felt so motivated it clearly led me in to a false sense of security, because somewhere along the way the food found me and so did the thing that makes me decide to sit around watching YouTube videos in any spare moment I have, rather than being productive and going to the gym.

Although I have delayed it, I think it's worth being honest, because whether people reading this are already where they want to be or if you too are journeying right now, it's good to be real about how hard it can sometimes be. It sounds silly to say I really want it and then be failing, because I really do, I want to feel fit, healthy and look the way I want and feel the way I want, but in those moments of weakness, nothing has been holding me back and it is RUBBISH.

There is absolutely no point in wallowing forever though, so I am back to blogging about it and this is where I started back in January, so that's the first step of the commitment. I am not going to list my stats below because although I haven't gained all of the weight back, it's hardly going to be motivational but I feel like as a punishment I should finally throw up some of my before photos to expose me to the world some time soon. 

Anyway, this is my check back into the fitness journey world and I am back on board, its 3 months exactly until I fly to America where I want to be able to do all the things I want, and I know 3 months won't get me to my final goal but I want to be better than I am now. 

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