Monday, 10 March 2014

Bloggers Unite | lifestyle

Last weekend I got to enjoy the nicest of days with some of my favourite bloggers. Admittedly I might have been having too much fun because I kept forgetting to take pictures, but I still wanted to share our day so here are the few I did take.

Sally and I drove to Leeds that morning and met Rachel in Leeds Trinity, the host to some of my favourite shops in Leeds, most importantly Victoria's Secret. 

As we knew Laura and Joanna would also want to make the most of what trinity had to offer, we headed to Harvey Nicholas and Liz Earle so I could pick up a few things I knew I needed to get before everyone arrived and the other girlies were happy to have a browse too, Sally actually ended up finding a few too many things along the way.

Now it was lunch time, so we stopped at the old faithful Nandos, where we met the other girls and enjoyed a catch up and some gorgeous food. 

Sally and Rachel

Rachel, Laura and Joanna

After some tasty lunch we went to find some of the great bargains Trinity had to offer. First stop Primark, I wish I had taken more photo's of our finds but we got carried away, Rachel picked up a gorgeous skirt and Laura got a short suit, however my favourite find was a minnie mouse backpack that me and Sally ended up getting each to take to Disneyland with us this summer.

After attempting to empty Primark between the five of us, we also visited H&M, Zara, Topshop, Hollister and Warehouse, where we found some sunglasses I wish suited me, I might have to figure out a way to pull them off.

The final stop was Victoria's Secret, my favourite shop in the world, although I didn't buy anything on this trip I could spend hours in there everyday, its truly girl heaven. Five girls shopping and catching up is so fun but exhausting, even though we didn't go far we all have such a different style and taste it was fun to spend time in each shop seeing what each other found.

It was time to head home and say our 'see you later's' so we were back on the road, but not before picking up an essential for every journey. 

For more of our day check out Rachel's YouTube Channel - 

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  1. Is it bad I have no recollection of these pictures hahaha :)

    Lovely post !

    1. Hah! I think its a good thing, it means I wasn't invading anyones space with the camera, thanks for ready xx

  2. <3
    So ready to use those backpacks, was tempted to use it to cycle into work today but thought better of it.

    Such a good day. Can we move there please?


    1. Haha! We should do a little look book together! Like dressed up like 90's kids with our backpacks, I think I may have just thought of a genius idea! xx