Monday, 24 March 2014

90's Kid Forever, Jelly Shoes | fashion

Being born in 1991, the influx of all things 90's over the last year has probably been one of my favourite trends to come back, of course that's probably because it is finally my era coming round again, which I'm less of a fan of as it means I'm old, but everything about it just seems fun. 

When 'jelly shoes' hit the market again last year I really wanted some but never took the plunge, so when I saw a NEON YELLOW pair on Asos, I honestly had no option but to buy them and at just £10.00 minus student discount I didn't even have to feel guilty. 

I was skeptical about whether they would be comfortable or not just because of the material, but so far so good. I haven't been in the for a long walk or in hot weather yet, so maybe that's not a true test but they definitely don't feel like they're going to rub my heel which is what I was mostly concerned about. 

Asos also have some more subtle colours, so if these are blister free after a proper trial I may have to go for another pair. I love this yellow for now though and it's an easy was to bring Spring/Summer to any outfit. 

This little guy also proved to be a fan. 

Until next time, 




  1. Hey Melly =]

    I love your shoes !! Why didn't you get the heeled ones they were all the range !!! haha ;)
    I love you lots and I love these photographs of your pretty feet and your blog and have nominated you for a liebster award =] Just to show how much I enjoy reading your posts ! You can join in here =] ! >> Yayyyyyy xxxxxxx

    x Victoria @ Alf & Emilio

    1. Thanks Missy, I might have to get the heeled one's next time. I agree they're rather fetching.