Thursday, 6 February 2014

Powder Wars | beauty

Hello Beautifuls, 

I am excited to get back to a good old beauty review today. I'm in a constant battle with my makeup/skin, so on looking at old photos where my skin looked pretty good, I decided to go back and revisit some old friends. 

First up was bareMinerals:

I swore by this powder for years through my A-level's and a little after, I was into the fact it was natural and was one step and done, however a few years on my skin has changed. 

Although I have oily skin, for some reason my beloved one step wonder is no longer, I found it gathered in weird places and by the end of the day I still looked oily, but patchy. I am definitely not bashing bareMinerals because I have friends who still swear by it, but this was a lesson that what used to work doesn't always when your skin changes. 

Next is BodyShops All-in-one Face Base: 

This is still a throw back, but to just a year or so ago in my first year at uni. The day after buying bareMinerals, I met up with my first year flat mate and her skin looked so good I asked her what she used, I remember I stole her tips when we lived together so I trusted her when she told me it was the face base. I went and bought some instantly and haven't looked back. 

First of all it comes in this cute compact with a mirror a life send for people with oily skin who constantly want to assess the shine. In fairness to bareMinerals this doesn't compare coverage wise, but I used concealer and a sheer(ish) base and then buff this all over the skin and if create an all over even matte look which is what I love. 

I would recommend this powder and at £14.00 its worth a try. 

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