Friday, 14 February 2014

How to survive Valentines Day alone | lifestyle

Hello Beautifuls, 

If like me this year the likes of Clinton's and Hallmark have propelled you into feeling a sense of impending doom with the arrival of Valentines Day, do not worry because I have compiled the perfect list to make this holiday a breeze. 

1. Chocolate. Lots of Chocolate.

I mean science proves it makes you happy and if no ones buying it for you, you may as well stuff your face with as much as you want. 

2. A boxset of you favourite girl power show. 

You need to feel like you're part of an army of women ready to take the world without the help of any men, Sex and the City is perfect for this. 

3. Fully charged media devices. 

Do not take a the risk of being cut off from the world and experiencing the full weight of being alone, plus you need to be able to tweet your emotional roller-coaster without a hitch. 

4. A selection of classic films. 

So you can look back on a time when men were gentlemen and blame your current state on todays generation. 

5. Tissues.

Some of the above may induce emotional outbursts that you want to be prepared for. 

6. Internet shopping.

Being single does not mean you go gift free this holiday. Place an order and get it delivered on Valentines Day, I'm pretty sure this is what internet shopping was invented for, you can pretend somebody else sent the gift to you. This year I chose Asos. 

7. A group message with all your GF's.

The ones who are also single will appreciate the support and the ones who are taken will take pity and reply reassuringly anyway.

8. Netflix.

Incase the selection of films don't take your fancy anymore as your mood is subject to change at any point, you don't want to be left without something to keep you company.

9. A life size stuffed toy.

Who cares that you bought this yourself or have had it since childhood, only a fool would allow themselves to be on the sofa without a snuggle buddy.

10. Wine. 
I don't really drink myself, but I hear this can be effective for many, so be sure to stock up if you enjoy a glass of rose once in a while. 

Happy Valentines Day <3

*Disclaimer: This was meant to be funny and the above tips cannot guarantee to make you feel better this holiday. However, you might have fun trying so go for it anyway.

Until next time, 




  1. Hahaha ohhh I wish I was there for this one !!!! Stay away from Asos!!! P.s I ate a whole giant bag of buttons last night :) xxxxx

    1. Haha! I nearly added on order a huge take away but I think that only works with me and you baba!.. I will stay away after my 2 other orders come through this week ;).. WOOO for Buttons! Thanks for stopping by the bloggity best friend xxxx