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by - February 13, 2014

Hello Beautifuls, 

This weekend it was time to gather the family and head on another trip. One of my favourite things to do, whether its me and a friend, a big group or just my family I absolutely love renting a big house in the middle of nowhere and exploring some the amazing little gems that can be found in the UK. 

This weekend was my mums birthday, so we headed to Wales and prayed the storms would be kind to us. Using one of my trusty go to sites for UK stays, Cottages4U we found the perfect place for us all to have a fun packed weekend.

Due to the rather gloomy cloud over britain at the moment this picture does not do it justice. 

After the long drive from various parts of England we all just had a games night, made easy by the games room included in the property and then headed out to the 'local' pub which became our favourite local spot for the 4 days. 

This is the Carew Inn, which if you are ever visiting Pembrokeshire you have to visit, day or night, food or drinks it's perfect. It is literally next door to Carew Castle and the owners are so friendly we spoke to them thinking they were just friendly locals for ages on the first night. The food is excellent, so delicious and a good choice. 

The next morning, after a hearty sit down breakfast with all 8 of us, we decided it was time to embrace the elements as looking at the forecast we feared if we waited for sunshine we wouldn't leave the house. So, we grabbed the waterproofs and headed to the seaside towns of Saundersfoot and Tenby.

The beach at Saundersfoot would be beautiful on a sunny day I'm sure and I loved how right on the beach is a forest, it reminded me of something from Twilight, something I hadn't seen in the UK before. 

I will always go on the beach no matter the weather so I bundled up and went exploring, the picture on the right is huge waves coming up on to the walkway, the same pictures appeared on the news days later. 

Whether you think it's insanity or bravery, this is pretty cool, a surfer taking full advantage of the swells. We watched him from the comfort of a beach front restaurant warming ourselves up with a nice hot chocolate. 

There were a few hairy moments where he disappeared but if you're going out on a day like that I'm sure you know what you're doing. 

When the rain stopped we headed up to a balcony on top of the hill giving great views of the whole bay. There was one moment I got a little too close for comfort to the edge and a huge gust nearly sent me down the cliff, so for this I chose to stand back and watch my Brother and Grandad enjoy the views. 

Next up, we went for a fleeting visit to Tenby, which days later suffered a hurricane! To be honest our visit was cut short due to the crazy winds and it was time to head back to play some games before heading out for dinner.

The seafront at Tenby, filled with cute shops, restaurants and hotels.

I hope the people on these boats don't get seasick because it was more than a bit choppy out there. 

The next day was my Mums birthday, the whole reason for the trip. Even the local sheep must have heard because two came to visit her that morning in our garden.

This shows just how out in the sticks we were, free roaming sheep, but I like it like that. After present opening we headed up through the hills to a cute place called Stackpole, locally recommended for amazing views and great walks, as well as a killer sunday lunch on top of the cliffs. 

The drive there was a bit scary with a car sliding down the cliff on, trying to be saved by a car stuck in the mud. 

The Stackpole in was a great place to get refuelled before our expedition to find Barafundle Bay.

After a 15 minute walk through woodland and up some steps, you are greeted by the most amazing views out to sea and of the cliffs lining the southern coast. 

After only 5 minutes of rain, the sun came out just in time as we discovered the most beautiful part of our stay. 

Half the party headed back along the cliff tops whilst the rest of us headed down the cliffside to the beautiful beach below, which in summer would be like a Greek Island. 

It was ridiculously beautiful and another must see if you head to Pembrokeshire. 

That night, due to the storms, we stayed close to home and decided to head back to our favourite Carew  Inn for Mums birthday dinner and then back home for cake and drinks to enjoy the last night at The Smithy. 

Our final day, we headed for the walk around the Mill Pond and Castle at Carew. 

Its crazy to me that just at the end of a road, in a tiny, tiny, tiny village there can be such an amazing ruin. You can also visit the castle, take a tour round, and visit the old working mill as well, but after indulging in so much lovely food over the weekend and the sun being out, even if just a little we took the footpath the enjoy the views. 

You cross a little bridge as part of the walk that floods with the tide and locals walk along the wall to get from one side to the other, I thought they were joking when they first told us!

As you can see at the moment, even when the tide is low the water is still nearly over the top of the bridge and the steps are still flooded. 

There were so many lovely spots along the walk to just stop and take in the views. 

I absolutely loved South Wales and just in 3 days exploring all the little unexpected gems you would never find in such a small place near where I live. Even to the amazing standard of pub and restaurants when you wouldn't even think they got the business.

I would recommend all these places to visit and would love to know if anyone has been here or is planning to go soon.

Until next time, 



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