Tuesday, 28 January 2014

My 1st Dinner Party | lifestyle

Hello Beautifuls, 

A couple of Friday's back now, I invited a group of friends over for dinner. As a group, we are constantly having food together because we are all foodies and just enjoy spending time together that way, however I have never hosted and cooked alone for a group of friends before. 

At 22 I thought it was time I try and pull off a semi sophisticated gathering with some home cooking, whilst still going off without me getting a huge flap. As it was a success I thought I would share some pictures and the recipes I used. 

The kitchen looked like a disaster but at least I had Mumford & Sons to keep me company, everything's better with music.

I kept the menu pretty simple, this area could use some work for my future soirees as I'm not totally convinced it flowed perfectly, but we all start somewhere.

This wasn't really a recipe, I had two options both of which may have been cheats, it was either Goats Cheese and Caramelised Onion Tart with Rocket Salad or Leek and Potato Soup.

Beef Bourguignon.
This was my little master piece, it wasn't complex but it did require time and me to feel like a little chef for a while. 

This is the recipe I used. It's by Gordon Ramsay and tasted amazing.

After following it to the letter, when it got to the wine stage, I may have added my own flare but it all started coming together quite well. 

Once it was all done, all that was left was to put it in the oven, giving me time to get on with the rest of the food. 

I kept the rest simple, I did a roasted vegetable tray, with mash potato, green beans and asparagus. 

At this point, I forgot to take anymore pictures, because it all got a bit hectic and everyone started to arrive, but here are some final pictures.

Chocolate Fondue.

My beautiful crazy friends <3.

Until next time, 



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