Monday, 16 December 2013

Subtle&Smokey | beauty

Hello Beautifuls, 

I was recently asked by my uni magazine to create a step by step mini tutorial on smokey eyes. Now the article has been published I thought I would share the tutorial on my blog. 

Disclaimer: For some reason the pictures came out really bright meaning that it doesn't look as dark or heavy as it actually was. 

The perfect smokey eye is something girls strive to perfect through years of makeup use. It varies from eye shape, colour and size, but being one of the most classic looks in makeup, mixing it up and being brave can be fun too. 

Step 1: Base and Brows.
- Start with a matte neutral colour close to your skin tone to even out the surface and create a blank canvas from lash line to brow bone. Comb out your brows and fill in any sparse areas with either a brow pencil or powder, creating a frame for your eyes.

Step 2: Depth and Colour.
- Take a matte black and sweep it into the crease avoiding the inner and outer corners of your eye. Once both eyes have a hidden line in the crease creating depth, take a dark metallic grey and apply from the crease to the lash line building a heavy colour. 

Step 3: Blend it out.
- Now take either a dark grey/purple better with brown eyes, or a gold/dark brown better with blue or green eyes. Use a blending brush, working in circular motions blending from the middle of your lid up to the outer brow bone. 

Step 4: Line it.
- Using a black eyeliner pencil, line the upper and lower water line. Then taking the dark grey used in step 2, sweep along the lower lash line with a brow or liner brush making a subtle but effective liner. Follow by taking the black used in the crease, to line the top lash line.

Step 5: Lengthen the lashes.
- At this stage, you can choose to apply false lashes if wanted. You would need to then reapply the eye liner on top once dry. However, if you don't want to work with falsies, build the lashes with a black volumising mascara. Go really heavy on the top lashes but also build the bottom lashes too.

Step 6: Enjoy.
- Brush away any fall out that is now under the eyes using a finishing powder and you are good to go.

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