Friday, 1 November 2013

Pumpkin Playtime | lifestyle

Hello Beautifuls,

As it's Halloween I wanted to get in the festive spirit and be creative. I invited my friend Bex over for some Pumpkin carving and I attempted to beat last years result, which I must say was my best ever creation.

So we headed to Asda to stock up. 

After nearly taking a poor lady out by dropping pumpkins in a mission to get the biggest ones on offer in England, we realised, pumpkins are heavy.

Then we played with pumpkins in the garden trying to get artsy shots and realised instead we're massive goofs. 

After spending far too long messing around, we decided we should probably get started.


The results. I should also say Bex is an art graduate therefore, if her's is 100 times better than mine, that's the reason.

Until next time,



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