Tuesday, 19 November 2013

A/W LookBook 4 | fashion

Hello Beautifuls, 

Today's trend I'm loving is plain and simple, Boots. As it gets even colder, the roads become frosty and as I have spent the last week in the depths of chilly English countryside, the importance of my favourite boots have taken new effect.

1. Classic Hunters.

Breaking the Wellington Boot stereotype, Hunter's are the lastest must have Winter item. They're so comfortable and with so many elegant options to choose from, they can been worn on icy days in the city, as well as them being the only option for country life. Adding some Hunter socks or leg warmers make them a statement piece to any A/W outfit. 


2. Chelsea Boots.

Until about a year ago, for some reason I thought these little boots were the ugliest footwear on the market, excluding crocs of course, but now I think there is no other way to go for everyday footwear in A/W. My fears were from the ankle cutting design maybe executing my 5'1 legs but wear them with the right things and there is nothing to worry about. You can look classy, edgy and casual all with one pair of boots so a must have staple in the A/W closet.

3. Booties.

Despite, like I mention above, being 5'1, I literally never choose to wear heels. I have a severe case of weak ankles, which have lead to many unexpected embarrassing tumbles in the least convenient of places. However, booties came into my life and I haven't looked back. In S/S you can sometimes get away with them, but in A/W the options are endless. With extra support and often a chunkier heel they're perfect for any heel novice as well as looking chic, and a great option for events where you want to dress up but not be over the top.

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  1. After reading this post... I just want all of these boots!!!... thanks haha