Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Shopping An Addiction? | lifestyle

Hello Beautifuls,

I want to put it out there, is shopping an actual addiction?

Most of us will of seen the film 'Confessions of a Shopaholic', maybe some of you will have read 'Secret Dream World of a Shopaholic' and a lot will of seen the stories of semi-celebrities raking up huge debts and in some cases even bankruptcy in order to 'keep up with the Joneses'.

I think it can be divided in to two, maybe more categories. There are people like me, a unemployed student who can sometimes get lost believing she needs the closet of Carrie Bradshaw, Makeup Collection of Mac Head Office and the technology arrangement of Apple. Then the people who stretch to houses, cars, lifestyle and not only feel the want for it but go ahead and get it. 

I am not judging because I am guilty of over extending beyond my means, but when does it step from taste to a problem? Is it a problem?

I look at channels like E! Which I love as much as the next person for easy watching and loosely called reality TV, but not only is there the constant obsession with the lifestyles of celebrities, there are now series or specials showing individuals of no specific achievement apart from having a lot of money and what they own. Is this an issue when young people are being influenced that money is a mark of success and a certain lifestyle will bring you a desirable status in society.

I don't have the answers to any of the questions, however I think it really is having an impact on society and a contributing factor to the influx of younger people seeking help. 

Personally I vote we all play out our fantasies on Pinterest and save up for the experiences cause they are what will last forever. I will come back and read this post next time I want to buy Tori Burch boots. 

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