Monday, 28 October 2013

Murad Moisturiser | beauty

Hello Beautifuls, 

After recently going to a Murad event and hearing about the research that goes into their products, I was excited to give something a go. I worry about all of the things we put on and in our body's, so when any brand is offering a medically researched product, I am willing to test it.

I was interested in trying the protection range as it had great UV protection whilst also covering a lot of other issues such as pollution, protecting us from the nasties causing ageing and other skin imperfections. 

This Moisturiser retails at £ 40 which is a little more expensive than a regular drug store brand. However I would still recommend making an investment, because its been designed to only be good for your skin.

I found that I loved this Moisturiser. I had been using a product from the other end of the market, which I reviewed a while ago on my blog, and although I was happy with it, it was just doing it's job of preventing dryness, rather than actually really benefiting and repairing my skin. 

The Essential-C Day Cream is so light a little goes a really long way so even though the price tag seems higher, it will last you. It is light enough to wear under makeup and great to wear alone if you're out about as it will give you great protection.

I actually used the Moisturiser as my facial sun screen whilst I was tanning through the summer and it worked amazingly. I found it also managed my breakouts very well as it wasn't too greasy and when using it sparingly it avoids any unwanted shine and soaks in really fast.

If you want to give your skin a treat and protect it at the same time in the knowledge the product it really safe for your skin, I would definitely go for this.

Murad is available online, as it is sometimes hard to get in store.

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