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by - October 17, 2013

Hello Beautifuls, 

A while back I wrote a post on my dream travel trips and mentioned I had always wanted to go back to America since I was 14. Well since that post me and my friend Sal have taken the plunge and decided we're off.

I will be writing a series of posts about how we're booking, the best resources we have found and taking the research we have done and putting it in a small helpful post to be useful for anyone hoping to do the same thing. 

So far we have only booked the flights and car hire, but we figured if we've booked a flight there is no backing down now. We are going to have to fill out the rest. 

Our adventure will take us across, down and across again through America. Cities we are visiting include Chicago, San Francisco, LA and Las Vegas. I am super scared and really excited all at the same time, even getting butterflies as I write this post, however I think if I plan along the way and share with people who have done or are planning to do similar it will just make it even more fun. 

A little bit about our flight booking process.

Initially we were going to do everything ourselves, as often tour operators, add costs, use companies they are financially invested in, that aren't always best for you and talk you into more than you wanted to do before you even start. So, we had a look online got a price in our head and decided we would go and see if they could offer anything better.

In our experience, we found the prices were around the same but working through an operator meant we could speak to someone face to face about requests you wanted put in place. For us, both being really nervous flyers this meant having someone reassure you that staff would be sensitive of this and look after you.

Another benefit of using a agent in this case was we were able to set up a secure payment plan with them rather than paying on card online, sometimes the full amount in one go.

The next post will be a lot more informative but I wanted to introduce these weekly posts.

Until next time, 



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