Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Halloween LookBook | fashion

Hello Beautifuls, 

Taking a break from regular programming, I wanted in this weeks LookBook to show some of the best Halloween looks I have found on my search for inspiration. Maybe if you're quick you could whip one together in time for Thursday. 

1. Subtle Spider.
I loved these looks because, depending on where the party is and who is going to be there, you don't always want to go all out, just incase it's not that kind of thing. Pairing this with an all black outfit could work for a full on costume party or a classy affair with a Halloween twist. 


2. The Great Gatsby.
I think a 1920's flapper is a classic in the costume world, it flatters almost anyone, is easy to do and looks like you have made so much more effort than you actually did. Find a head piece, some faux peals and a fringe, glitter or both dress, add some red lips and you're good to go. Here are some of my favourite examples. 


3. Let me see your Peacock. 
If you're feeling a little more crazy and creative, or going to a party where having the best costume is a real competition, I think the Peacock is an amazing idea. It would require a little more effort but there are so many tutorials online, it is also a favourite with the celebrities. 

4. Don't be afraid to scare.
In this post I haven't really shown any really scary costumes, not because I don't like them, but now a lot of dressing up, even for Halloween is about being a character and less about being scary, however that's what it was all meant to be about so I thought I better add in some of my favourite scary ideas. 


5. It's not just for kids.
Finally, I think Halloween is a great excuse to live out those moments you wish you still could from childhood. Why not choose the most infantile character you can think of as when else can you get away with it in adulthood.


Until next time, 



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