Sunday, 20 October 2013

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Hey Beautifuls, 

I saw some YouTubers I love doing this tag, but I thought why not just take the questions and make it into a blog tag instead. Also, any questions involving fall or autumn I'm always up for.

The 'I Love Fall Tag'

What Fall trend are you most excited for?
- I am obsessed with oversized jumpers and imparticular this year oversized shrugs or cardigans. Check out my A/W LookBook's for all of my favourite looks this time of year.

What is your favourite Fall beauty product?
- Lip products, mostly balms or salves to save from Jack Frost chapping your lips, but also everyone loves a good berry tone lipstick in Fall.

What is your favourite Fall drink?
- Tea. Good old English breakfast tea. All I want to do at the end of a chilly walk, or day out is come back and snuggle with a big cup of tea. 

What is your favourite Fall scent?
- I love anything Cinnamon, Honey, Apple scented or something warm and homely. My ultimate Fall candle at the moment though is this Yankee Candle in Honey & Spice.

Which fall trend do you not like?
- Coats. This isn't really a trend but I dread every year finding the perfect coat, and living in England the weather is so tempremental it's way better to layer.

What is your Halloween costume this year?
- I'm not actually sure yet, I've wanted to be Katy Perry for a couple of years but what normally happens is crazy lashes and makeup and I end up as a zombie something, last year I did zombie football player.


What is your favourite Fall song?
- I don't have a go to song every year, I just tend to switch from the more R'n'B I love in summer to a more relaxed vibe. I am currently loving Fall Out Boy - Young Volcanoes.

What is your favourite Halloween candy?
- In England Halloween isn't as big of a deal, so we have less specific Halloween candy, but ever since I was little I have loved the little chocolate balls that have pumpkins or ghosts on them so I would say those.

I Tag:

Sally - RainyDayFaces
Ashleigh - BeautyWaterfallx
Joanna - MintyEssence 

Also anyone that reads this and wants to do it!

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