Monday, 14 October 2013

'Porefessional' Benefit Primer | beauty

Hello Beautifuls,

After all of the effort we go to, to make our faces as perfect as possible, there is little to nothing more annoying than an hour into our day that masterpiece turning into non-existant mess. 

Often this leads to a search through sea of primers on offer in the black hole of the beauty industry, so I thought I would shine a torch on at least on of those. 

Benefit's ' the POREfessional'.

I was excited to try this product forever before I actually got my hand's on it, so I has high expectations and spoiler alert, it actually did live up to those once I had got used to it. 

So, I should say at this point I should say I have dehydrated oily skin with problematic breakouts, it is a lot of fun I must tell you -_-. Anyway, because of this I feel like if a product suits my skin you should be safe. 

Into the product, so like most of my favourite primers 'POREfessional' is silicon based, however it is a lot lighter and more nourishing than others I have tired. This means that you only need a tiny bit to go along way. 

As this primer is really nourishing, I found if you applied too much it could leave you a little shiny looking, and not in a good glowing way. It can be deceiving because on application it is mattifing, but just go in light and, on the plus side it means it lasts even longer!

Another thing I liked about 'POREfessional' is that it is tinted to the skin tone, meaning it gives you a great base before even applying any further coverage. 

As for staying power, I would definitely say this primers strengths are more geared towards creating a great base to apply the make up rather than making it stay. However, without being able to sink in your base definitely stays put a lot longer than without a primer. Having oily skin and it being summer I did put it through a pretty tough test so I give this one overall 4/5.

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