Tuesday, 22 October 2013

A/W LookBook 2 | fashion

Hello Beautifuls, 

Continuing with my 'A/W LookBook' series, this week is about a trend that is new for 2013 and I am in love with.

Leopard and Plaid. 

Mixing textures and patterns has been around for a while now, and pattern mixing was also a big trend in S/S this year. I didn't really find a combination I loved until this though, it seems to work in so many different ways. 

Tartan has made a huge comeback alone this season anyway and I feel like leopard never really goes away, but here are a few of my favourite combinations. 

1. Foot Fetish. 
Plaid has been associated with a casual, dressed down look for so long now, throwing on a bold shoe  in a contrasting glamorous pattern like leopard print, makes it a look ready for a day of shopping or a dinner date. 

2. Bag Lady. 
Like above adding just a small pop can make a huge difference. I have seen a lot of people throwing in a leopard bag to a plaid look to make it evening appropriate. 

3. Cuff it. 
If you still wanna keep it subtle but don't want that to mean an obvious accessory, another trend I am loving is what has been done but the two ladies below, layering the two patterns to create a statement at the cuff.

4. The Whole Hog.
If you're feeling brave, this movement is one that looks incredible in full form like created below.

Whether you got for subtle hints or make a full commitment I hope this trend sticks as I am loving it and want to go and grab some options to style asap.

Until next time, 



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