Tuesday, 15 October 2013

A/W LookBook 1 | fashion

Hello Beautifuls, 

We're fast approaching my favourite ever season Winter, which means a new wardrobe. A/W fashion. 

Today's post I'm talking about one of my favourite combo's at this time of year. Before the real cold weather comes and it's all boots and coats, I love making most of just being able to wear oversized sweatshirts and converse or vans.


Although that doesn't sound like a glamorous combo, that's the best bit, this is a season for comfort.
That doesn't mean you can't do it stylishly though. 

Above are two of my favourite pictures of the perfect way to execute this look. There are a few points I think are great to follow to keep this look comfortable and fashionable at the same time.

1. Keep the bottom half tight. 
Going with an oversized sweatshirt can hide your shape, so by pairing it with leggings or skinny jeans will avoid the sack of potatoes look.

2. Keep it simple. 
Choosing a print or colour could make this look a little different. It could easily transfer to a patch work though if over done, so keep everything else simple.

3. Work your face. 
When there's not much glamour in the clothes department, It means you can glam up your makeup without looking like you're off to prom. Go with a bold eye or strong lip to dress up this casual style. Also with most sweatshirts are going to be crew neck, this high neck give the perfect excuse to rock the messy pony or bun.

4. Show a bit of skin.
Before we're ankle deep in snow (ee I can't wait), show off a bit of ankle to break up the tight bottom half before the shoes.

5. Accessories.
Something about an oversized leather bag, a slouchy satchel or boyfriend watch can really add to this carefree look to show off your own style. Also adding collars, rings and earrings can dress everything up.

Until next time, 



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