Friday, 12 July 2013

Witch Blemish Stick | beauty

 Hello Beautifuls, 

Today's post is all about this little gem. The 'Witch, blemish stick'. I have actually been using this for quite a while now since I was favoured the product at an event. 

I have held out on doing a review because I wanted to really put it through the ropes. I remember having it when I was younger and not using it or not maybe seeing results, this time however was a different story. 

Due to my previous experience, I wasn't majorly excited about using the product, but when the inevitable happened and one of my ever present blemishes popped up I knew it wouldn't hurt to give it a whirl. I woke up the next day and honestly, the results were amazing. I hadn't found a product that calmed my blemishes over night like that in, forever.

I use this after cleansing and toning before moisturising at night. I find it difficult to use it in the day as I don't know how make up would sit on top, but at night I really layer it on and I have really got along with it in recent months. Its also great to put on before blemishes even appear on prone areas.

A final great thing I have found with this is, in the past I have used pure tea tree and that ended up causing areas of eczema as have other blemish products, this leaves nothing behind in the morning and has caused no side effects I have found.

Oh and its super affordable!

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