Thursday, 20 June 2013

Glam Glow Mud Mask | beauty

Hello Beautifuls, 

Today's post is all about the much blogged GlamGlow. I have actually written about this product before, it was one of my first ever posts.

In the first post I go into mega detail about what the product actually is and how it came about, so if you're interested please check it out. 

So, a year on and another amazing event. I once again got far too excited during the Glam Glow presentation and had to give it another go. I was lucky enough to be given the a few samples to fill my craving to see whether it was really as amazing as the presentations make it sound.

When I got around to trying it, honestly I was a little worried. Sal, had tried it out before me and it had given her a really bad reaction, and if you are familiar with any skin care posts I have done, you know my skin gets a little upset when I make changes to its routine and tells me about it with blemishes and eczema.

I applied one sachet to clean skin focusing on the T-zone. I did take it a little on to the cheeks but being a softer more sensitive area I didn't want to work it on to those too much.

First of all, oh my goodness, the smell. I cannot remember the smell being bad at all, but I could barely even leave it on my skin. I do have a sensitive nose but this was strong. When I use a mask apart from the obvious results, I like the experience to be relaxing and luxurious too.

When it came to washing it off, admittedly which I did really quickly because of the smell, I found the grit was just a little but too harsh, I found myself wanting to pick off the exfoliants rather than smooth it off as it was almost a little sore.

Finally, the results, the results are great you feel brighter, smoother and clearer skin however, for the price I would not recommend for the experience.

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