Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The Unappreciated Hero | beauty

Hello Beautifuls,

In the theme of budget beauty, I have been going back to some old tricks I used in my teens before I realised the wonder of Estée Lauder and friends. Quite often we brush off old techniques in favour of the latest hyped product. Very often coming with a high price tag.

The little Gem I want to talk about today is good old Vaseline.

In my early teens I went to a strict girls school that didn't allow makeup of any kind, but naturally as a bunch of 13yr old Tweens we soon found a way round this, and Vaseline was our best friend.

I think back now at how long and curly my eyelashes where and realise this might of been the trick. Vaseline for me them was, lipgloss, mascara, brow gel anywhere we could use it without it looking gross. As much as I don't know how I'd feel about wacking on some Vaseline and going for a nice lunch with the girls nowadays. I'm more than happy to cake it on and look oh so glamorous at bed time.

So, that exactly what I have been doing. After I have applied my millions of miracle potions in the hopes of waking up a Victorias Secret model, I have started putting Vaseline on my brow to hold there shape and encourage growth, my lashes to hold curl and hopefully give a length there too and finally the lips.

So far I really have noticed a huge different in my brow and my lashes when I wake up in the morning, as for my lips well they're not my biggest feature but they're soft and smooth anyway.

A tub will last you forever & it's a great step to try before diving into expensive brow/lash miracle serums.

If you do this, let me know.

Until next time,



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  1. Great post darling. I too used to love Vasaline so much and used it instead of makeup. I used it today to moisturise my lips :D