Monday, 21 October 2013

Summer Time 'Expectation Vs Reality' | lifestyle

Hello Beautifuls,

I have just got in from sitting out in the glorious sunshine we are currently being blessed with in the UK. On coming inside, I was instantly faced with a situation that has inspired me to right this post. I was running around the house to avoid a wasp.

I am a little bit in love with the 'Expectation Vs Reality' videos on YouTube. I am so guilty of always being the person they are taking the p*** out of in any skit so I end up laughing a lot, mostly as my own behaviour. So thought I would share some of my Summer 'Expectations Vs Reality'.
Expectation - I will have glowing tan and essentially turn into Mila Kunis.
Reality - I instantly burnt, which doesn't fade to tan it just disappears and as that its patchy.

Expectation - Endless walks/cycles through the countryside stoping a quaint pubs along the way.
Reality - I get so hot I feel too disgusting to enter any pubs.

Expectation - BBQ's full of friends, sunshine and great food.
Reality - It's dark before the foods done and it burns.

Expectation - Picnics buy the river. 
Reality - Eaten alive by flys.

Expectation - Camping.
Reality - Damp.

Excuse just how sexy we look in this photo.

I will end this by saying I adore summer, my friends and all the experiences we get. I am so grateful for everything we get to do especially as I am a 22 yr old student, summers are 3 months long and amazing. I love my friends and we always have the best time, and these things happening are just part of the amazing times we share and make them all the more memorable.

Until next time, 




  1. Love this post - so true! :)
    Massively jealous about the student summer holidays! :'( I'll just go cry in the office toilets.