Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The Switch Up A collab w/ RainyDayFaces | beauty

Hello Beautifuls, 

Recently, me and the beautiful Sally from RainyDayFaces, found ourselves snowed in at her parents house. Aside from the fact it was a great excuse to have a lovely chilled weekend, we happened to be armed with makeup, a camera, a tripod and the fact we are both Bloggers. 

We always end up playing around with makeup, so we thought, why not throw on the camera ans show what we have been up to.

I did 'My Daily Look' on Sally

Before we started, Sal requested two things. I use my Nars, Albatross and that I fill in her brows like I do mine. Other than that, as I was trying to duplicate my daily look, everything was focused on creating a full coverage base and everywhere else, really natural. Honestly, this couldn't get further away from Sal's daily look. 

Although I was recreating my look, Sal had recently purchased some new base makeup products, therefore I used those in place of my own, just duplicating the way in which I would use them. Everything else is a mix between what both of us had. 

I go for a full coverage, matte look and like to add a subtle bronze contour. I completed this on Sally but then added a highlight, just so she could see the results of the product. 

Primer - Illamasqua, Satin Primer.
Foundation - Rimmel, Wake Me Up, in 103 True Ivory.
Concealer - Mac, Studio Finish, in NC20.
Bronzer - Make Believe, Sunbeam Bronzer.
Highlighter - Nars, Highlighting Blush, in Albatross.

Again, I like to stay really natural for an everyday look, I actually use two to three eye shadows everyday but all just to lift and add depth subtly to the eyes. 

Lash Line to Brow Bone - Mac, Eyeshadow pan, in All That Glitters.
Blending Colour - Mac, Eyeshadow pan, in Swiss Chocolate.
Mascara - Mac, Opulash.
Brows - Mac, Satin Brun, Filled using a 263 Brush.

Again continuing with the natural look, I normally wear a pink over a base. 

Base - Rose&Co, in Rose Petal Salve
Lipstick - Chanel Rouge Coco, in Magnolia 117

Until next time, 



A Fun Bonus Shot of Sal doing her best Cara Delevingne.

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  1. Lets just say it was about time I got my eyebrows waxed! :P

    Sally x