Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The North Blogger Meet Up | lifestyle

Hello Beautifuls,

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go to another blog meet up. I love these events for meet like minded people, getting inspired, sparking new ideas and just having a good time too.

So once again, me and the beautiful Sally of RainyDayFaces, got in my little car and embarked up North, on what turned out to be an epic journey through mountains. Side note, never blindly trust SatNav.

This event was a little different to previous events I had attended, first of all it was a bigger in both attendance of bloggers as well as brands, but literally bigger as in the venue. Most of all though, this event was highly brand focused, they were excited to share the products with bloggers giving speeches and when no talks where being hosted brand representatives were mingling demonstrating.

Honestly, because previous events have been more focused on bloggers themselves, meeting one another, this wasn't what I expected. Once you get talking to brands about their product though, you realise this can be a great resource in, not only in possible collaborations but gaining knowledge of products that you may of previously not known of.

Throughout the day I was so involved in chatting with brands and making sure I saw everything on offer, there was ALOT, I failed a little on the photography front so please excuse these pictures, I will caption best possible to explain what each dark blur is meant to be.

How professional are all these signs!

One of the many talks going on throughout the day. Xen-Tan kicked it off.

There was no shortage of cupcakes, cookies and even Krispy Kreme donuts to keep you going.

The Mezzanine packed full of beautiful bloggers.

Me having some professional smokey eyes done by one of the lovely makeup artists Em had organised to attend.

Em hosting one of many giveaways going on all day.

Loved talking to Talhiah from Ilah Brows, getting some tips on perfect brows quick. Tutorial coming soon.

Keil from Arbonne showing off his products,


Looking down over the Bar. 

I just want to finish with a HUGE thanks to Em who did and incredible job sorting it all out!

On the way home, I was too eager to see what the goodie bags had to offer, Sal gave me an in car haul. Full post on the goodie bags will follow.

Until next time,



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