Monday, 29 April 2013

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Hello Beautifuls,

Shocking as it is, today is more skincare loves. In other shocking news, I may of fallen in love with it meaning this would need to become step numbers 45, 46 and 46 of my skincare routine. I'm obviously am joking, but I did love this product. 

I was introduced to Crystal Clear at a great blogging event in Leeds hosted by FABB. I'd never heard of them before, and on first look to be honest brushed them aside, not because I didn't think they would be good but I didn't even realise what they were. 

On further investigation, due to my ridiculous obsession with all things skincare I dived straight in and tried them out.

The first thing I went for was the 'Deep Cleanse'. I'm a creature of habit, so I incorporated in to my usual routine in place of my Liz Earle cleanser. So I massaged it onto a wet face, used my clarisonic then rinsed with a hot cloth. Firstly, and a huge deal. This product smells, a, may, zing. If you have ever eaten refresher sweets as a child. It is exactly that smell. It is a gel like formula when coming out of the tube then when blended with water turns into a bubbly foam. I thought it was a super clarifying cleanser and loved the smell, however as someone with combination skin, it did dry out my hair line and my cheeks so for this one I would give it a 2/5.

Next was the 'Illuminate'. This stuff is my favourite out of the three, just going to go straight in with that. It carries the same amazing scent, but this unlike the cleanser suited my skin perfectly. It was a super rich cream that went a long was, and gave the ideal point between nourishing the skin and not leaving you greasy. It also has a strong white tone and a highlight running through it, meaning its a perfect base for a glowing face. This one get 4.5/5.

Finally it was the 'No Shine Serum'. This is a step I've never really done before in the skincare routine, to be totally honest I've never heard of a shine serum before. Once more, the scent is that same zesty lemon goodness, for a serum though, the texture for me I felt was quite watery. I applied this after my moisturise to matify any problem areas and it worked a charm. I would however say that it in my eyes was a little of an unnecessary step. Therefore I give this one a 3/5.

I loved trying out this brand, I would say the Illuminate may require some further investigation on my part and will most probably make it on to a wish-list pretty soon. The other however, although great products just aren't my favourite and whilst being great quality they hold quite a high price point. Maybe one day.

Until next time, 



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