Friday, 5 April 2013

Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes, Derma V10 | beauty

Hello Beautifuls, 

I, along with everyone else, am on a mission for flawless skin, especially with summer coming up. I have decided to test run a few products and after I have given each one an appropriate chance, I am going to give a little run down review as to what I found from each. 

Todays product is, Tea Tree Face Wipes from Derma V10:

I am have been fixed to my skincare routine for about 6 months now, aside from a few tweaks here and there, so changing it up is always a little scary. My routine has been working well for me and for the most part I have has good skin, for me anyway. 

I am however, seriously blemish prone along with the dreaded combination skin, so when I saw these Tea Tree cleansing wipes, claiming to prevent spots I was definitely up for trying them.


I always thought that cleansing wipes were a quick alternative to a cleansing routine, so with a lot of travelling over spring/Easter break I took the opportunity to trial them.

What Are They Like: Like any other face wipes really, they are smooth though, I know some have little exfoliation beads. They don't have my favourite smell when they first come out, but it quickly wears off. I would also say, they are quite strong but a little dry to remove makeup.

How I used them: As I was on the go, I used them as my primary product to remove my makeup, because I'm used to a deeper cleanse it took about 3 wipes to feel like I had appropriately cleaned my face. I then toned and moisturised after as normal.

The results: After using the wipes for a week I did notice a difference in my skin, honestly for the worst. I think my skin was used to being steam cleaned so having any makeup at all left in my pores causes instant breakouts. I will say though, one blemishes that did appear, the Tea Tree worked on calming them pretty soon.

Would I recommend it: For a cheap option for the occasional night, they are an option. They aren't my favourite in the category though.

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  1. I like these but not for taking my makeup off, they're all right just as a face refresher and to tame those pesky little spots.

    Sally x