Wednesday, 10 April 2013

All about the Washi! Hot Cloth | beauty

Hello Beautifuls, 

For me, makeup never looks its best if the base isn't sorted first. So, here is yet another skin care post. I will one day, have found every product available in skincare and have told you of the best and worst there is out there. 

Today's post is all about the Hot Cloth.

I was interested in Washi! After seeing features on other blogs and through blogging events. I am a loyal Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser user, this means when I hear 'Hot Cloth' my ears prick up. 

I love the Muslin Cloth which comes with Liz Earle, as well as that deep clean feeling that comes from using the hot cloth. I do however agree with a lot of other blogs out there saying at first the muslin is too harsh, but after a few washes they can become too soft. Plus, you can never have too many, using a dirty hot cloth kind of defeats the point. So, when I contacted Washi! To find out more about the product and they kindly sent me an amazing supply I was beyond happy.

The Washi! Cloths are different from the Muslin Cloths, they are more like a lighter traditional flannel. They definitely have a different feel, but I think the heavier texture lends to really getting off any product that may be left on the skin. 

My favourite thing about this collection asides from the quality and feel, the price! 

You can pick up one for everyday of the week, sets including a facial towel and cotton buds, or just a few all for amazing prices. They all come packaged so cute and include a little information from the creator of Washi! Herself. 

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