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The Power Of Brows | beauty

Hello Beautifuls, 

If someone had said to me a few years ago I would be filling in my eyebrows everyday, I would of laughed in their face. My goal back the was to create a tiny line, giving the illusion of constant surprise. 

Like almost everything else, the nations passion for brows started on the runway in dramatic fashion. Truthfully I felt the ladies were looking more like the girl from Dodgeball, than chic models. However, taking its toned down version I started to get on board.

Not only did my love for beauty, makeup and fashion grow over the years, so did everyone's brows. Beautiful ladies such as, Megan Fox, Lauren Conrad and dare I say it, Kim Kardashian, bought having strong brows to the main stream and turned them from masculine, to the most powerful thing of a woman's face. 

Unfortunately, after years of waxing every little out of place hair off, as well as being Aryan to start with. It's not just a case of letting them fill themselves out for me. So here are my essential tools to maintaining my brows and giving them the strength they deserve.

My eyebrows now, before they are filled in, are pretty invisible. Fear not, you only need a few things to save me, and you from a naked forehead. 

Here is what I do to avoid looking like someone used photoshop to erase my brows. 

Mac, 263 Small Angled Brush
Tweezerman, Mini Slant Tweezers
Mac, Eyeshadow in Satin Brun
Tweezerman, Spoolie

From maintaining the brow, to making it camera ready, you only need a these few tools and a couple of quick steps.

To stay on top of unruly, out of place hairs, I try to tweeze any misplaced strays each day before I apply my makeup, after I have moisturised. This way it retains your shape and makes plucking less of a big task.

These Tweezerman tweezers above are seriously, the best tweezers I have ever used. You know those, tiny little, almost black, dot kind of hair, no big deal for these little pinchers. So make it easier for you to create the shape, keep on top of those strays.


Once all is in order, give the brows a quick brush with the trusty spoolie and get all of those hairs going in the right direction. This is also going to train your brows, if you are trying to change their shape or even just make it easier when applying the brow powder or pencil. 

When you're filling in your brow choose a product closest to your hair shade and where possible, only 2 shades maximum away from you're natural brow colour. It is completely personal preference as to whether you decided on powder or pencil to fill in. I used pencil for years, but was recently introduced to powder when getting a makeover a Mac so I am a convert, for me I just feel it look just a little more natural and is easier to manage. 

Start by placing the colour along the natural line of the brow, follow the hair. Use small brush movements to let product fall into those patchy areas. Use your brush to line up where the brow should start and finish.

In this photo you can see that I have created a corner where there is actually no hair, this is again preference on how you want the brow to look overall. Just keep going over the same line to get a darker look and give them a final brush with the spoolie and you're done. Brow Gel might be a good option if you have particularly defiant brows.


And finished.

Until next time, 



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