Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Lazy Evening | beauty

Hello Beautifuls, 

I feel like I start every post with a confession of an addiction to a certain product. Well today is no different. I guess as a beauty blogger I'm allowed though. Today's obsession, Salt Scrub.

When I discovered that I got to try out a Salt Scrub for review I was very excited to say the least. After this cold winter we have had, it's time to buff of that dull winter skin and get ready bare a little more in the sun. 

The scrub I have been trying out is the Calcot Manor 'The Lazy Evening' Gentle Salt Scrub.

What is the product like: Honestly, on opening the Scrub I wasn't crazy about the smell. Most cosmetics, especially bath products, tend to be highly fragranced and that is actually one of their main selling points. On taking a closer look the scrub uses natural sea salts and almond oil as its main components, so if it means it's more natural, I can get on board. The texture lends itself to its ingredients. To get a smooth finish its commonly thought you need a chunky, harsh scrub. This isn't true, this scrub is super find and soft but when used properly can work just as effectively. 

How did I use it: As most things, it comes with directions for use. This being from a Spa however, means it comes with slightly more in depth advice. I worked the scrub between my palms first, I found this melts the products making it go further and easier to use. I moved in circular motions creating a more efficient cleanse before rinsing.

The Results: The benefits with using a salt scrub over a regular exfoliator is they are normally heavily oil based leaving a moisturising feel to the skin. Sometimes this can be overwhelming and rather than a nourished finish, you're left feeling like you want to shower again. This is not the case with this Scrub. It is lighter than any other I have used before and leaves just a light moisturised feel when not used in access. 

Would I recommend: I think if you are a regular exfoliator, user. This would be a great product to ease into the Salt Scrub game due to its lighter touch, over heaving film.

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