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Here in England, using tanning alternatives isn't just a safer option to save our skin from premature ageing and disease. It's a matter of necessity in order to gain any resemblance of a glow. Due to this, any opportunity to find a great tanning product, especially one on a budget is something I am interested in.

St Moriz is a product I have been aware of for quite a while. In college, it was hyped as the alternative to St Tropez. The only product I have ever seen or used however was the mousse. 

At the recent FABB event I was introduced to two of their products I had never heard of before. The Instant Face Tan Wash Off and The Instant Self Tanning lotion

The Face Tan:

I was really excited firstly for the, Instant Face Tan. I have struggled in the past with gradual facial tanners, they have irritated my skin and in the morning I often looked patchy and they accentuate my blemishes. As well as this, when I get professional spray tans, the tan takes to my faces better, but because of cleansing and exfoliating, this is the first place I loose my tan too. 

What is it like: A great thing about this facial tan is that the finish is matte. I think these makes it better to be both worn alone and under makeup. Another feature is although it is wash off, it is water resistant. In my experience it did require some help to come off which is beneficial for long lasting wear. 

How Did I Use It: After cleansing my face, I applied it on top of my moisturiser, in the same way I apply moisturiser, ensuring first that it was completely dry. Then was just sure to rinse hands afterwards.

The Results: Above is a picture using the product on my hands. Due to the lighting unfortunately it doesn't show the product off to the best potential. You can sort of see though that it leaves a subtle, healthy flush of colour. I always feel 

Would I Recommend It: I think up to now, this is my favourite facial tanning product, although it doesn't stay after cleansing, the way it works makes it easy enough to use everyday, so yes.

This was something I was a little more nervous about trying. I normally use a gradual tanner, outside of that Xen Tan's Dark Lotion is the only thing I brave. Tanning can be risky so trying a new product can be scary, but thats what blogging's about so I tried it.

What Is It Like: The consistency is a lot lighter than any other tanning product I have used before. I always normally apply it with a mitt, but although the nature of this should make it go further and easier to distribute, when applying with a mitt, it quickly absorbs on to that, rather than your skin. However, the lotion itself is very pigmented before it has even developed so once you have placed it, it is easy to see where you need to cover and where is done. It reminds me a lot of Dark Lotion although lighter in consistency.

How I used it: I exfoliate, wax and moisturise, then continue to get everything else ready leaving the skin to settle a while before applying. I shake the bottle well and apply a spot to the desired area and quickly distribute in sweeping stokes using a mitt.

The results: Pictures did not do results justice as, due to the fact I needed to be seen out in public I needed to make it even, therefore there was no comparison line. I found the coverage was very good and the colour was a good match to the skin. However, although coverage where applied was good lines were very obvious if I didn't blend it properly. I would say it lasts a good 3 days before a exfoliation and re application is necessary.

Would I recommend it: Yes, for the prices this is a great regular use, tanning product to have in your collection. I would maybe suggest the mousse over lotion for ease of application though.

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