Friday, 1 March 2013

Nails On A Budget | beauty

Hello Beautifuls,

Ladies, and gents, if you're anything like me, between terrible habits of biting, general wear and tear, and the over use of my nails as some sort of tool, I find it impossible to grow my natural nail.

I will be the first to admit, nail biting is a disgusting habit, but unfortunately, sometimes off guard, I just can't help it. So in order to kick the habit, and at the same time say goodbye to work mans hands and hello to elegant ones. I started getting Acrylic nails.

I fell in love with the look of them straight away, they were WAY stronger than any other shorter term alternative I'd used before & I liked that I could mix up the colours as if it was my own nail. Somewhere along the line I forgot I had been advised, on multiple occasions, they will, ruin your natural nail, or what there is of it. 

So, when it came to taking them off to give my nails 'a breather', I was less than thrilled when most of my natural nail melted away with the acrylic. Gross I know, sorry! 

I decided, this is not good for my nails, I will give them a break. See if I can get them to grow again. It didn't happen. So despite my best judgement, I just wanted pretty nails again so went in for it. After probably over a year of every 3 weeks getting infills, my beauty bill was racking up a substantial amount and with uni work getting more intense, I no longer had a job. 

I needed a fix that would do on a budget and help people like me who after all efforts, still can't grow there nails. Enter Nailene Full Cover Nails

I did experiment around before I landed on this. I tried buying an Acrylic Kit myself, believe me that was a disaster, do not let the experts fool you! It isn't easy. I also tried at home Gel but on me it just didn't last. 

Firstly, I picked this up for the ridiculously good price of £7.98 here, Asda . So compared to any other option, its such good value give it a go.

Whats included. You get 200 nails, in various sizes, a bottle of nail glue and a double sided emery board for filing and buffing. 

How to use it. I find you get best results if you file and buff your nails first. Ensure they are completely clean of polish or oil to guarantee best hold. On selecting the best nails to fit you, start with applying them to your writing hand. This is because its harder to do the other hand once the nails are on. Apply to glue to the NAIL, and hold for 30 seconds. Repeat until complete then file to finish the shape and polish.

The results. They obviously don't have the life of Acrylics, however with good care & proper applications they last 2 weeks which for falsies is excellent. You can also use Acetone free nail polish remover on them to mix up the colours once they're applied. 

Would I recommend? 100%.

Until next time, 



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