Friday, 8 March 2013

Kleenex Facial Cloths | beauty

Hello Beautifuls,

Today is about a, not so new, product I have been wanting to try for a while. I saw they were on offer, and decided to give them a whirl, and naturally that means I will let you lovelies in on what I found out.

The product I specifically wanted to try from the range, and the one which todays post is about, is the Facial Cloths.

The reason I was so keen to try these out, is I have resulted to using the, Boots Baby Extra Large Cotton Wool Pads when Cleansing or Toning, or even anything I would need cotton wool for. They are amazing and I think, when mentioned by Zoella forever ago girls, and boys, everywhere realised why they had been messing around with pathetically small circles for years. In my nature though, the message of 'don't fix what's not broken' got lost on me. Therefore, I feel the need to try everything similar just so I know I'm using the best/easiest product.

What are they like. This was the first surprise for me, I was expecting a cotton wool like texture in a square pad. In fact what the product is, is a quilted tissue. Although I was almost ready to write them off instantly I gave them a try.

How I used them. I used them dry initially just applying an amount of cleanser, and sweeping directly on to my face. I found this literally felt like I was using a tissue and the fibres honestly, made me cough.  So I tried using it moist, this did help and the product had an elastic quality which made them a lot like a face wipe. An improvement but still not the most practical tool. Its also worth saying I used around 3 cloths for each stage, so with cleanser, then again toner, to feel like my face clean. You only get 30 in a box.

The results. I felt like they did the job ok, however unlike when I have used the cotton wool pads I felt like I needed to wash my face again with a water cleanser after.

Would I recommend? Honestly no. I'm very glad they were on offer when I bought them for only £1. Normally they retail for £1.99 at SuperDrug. Which is cheaper than the cotton wool, but a favourite saying of mine is, 'cost and worth are very different things', therefore make the investment. It has also unfortunately put me off the rest of their range, with my arrogance leading me to think, stick to what you know Kleenex! Your balsam tissues are unbeatable.

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