Tuesday, 26 March 2013

It's all about the Nails | beauty

Hello Beautifuls, 

I, am a self confessed nail junkie. I have posted a few times before on the topic of nail care, but in today's post , I'm taking you along with my, bi-daily, routine of changing up my nail colour.

When you're addicted to changing your nails as often as you change your clothes, dressing your nails and finding that perfect colour is a daily mission. So when I was introduced to Alessandro International at the recent FABB event,  I was excited to give their polish a go. 

The colour I was given was very different to something I would normally choose to wear. Although anything in the red, pink, purple category is usually a safe bet with me. When they are combined with a silver tone, or glitter sheen, I feel it can sometimes risk looking a little dated. Either way, sometimes the finish of the polish and how it applies, is just as important as the colour.

What is it like: The product is an Alessandro International Nail Polish in Exotic Strawberry. The Polish itself has a thick gel like texture, without being at all gloopy. The Gel like texture ensures easy application just where you want it, rather than a thiner product getting in all the wrong places.

How I used it: Before I apply anything to my nails, I buff using a Buffing Block, soak my cuticles with Cuticle Oil, rinse clean, then add a base coat. Doing this ensure the polish has a smooth surface to grip to and gives the best chance on making it last. 

The Results: After two coats, the polish achieved good coverage, whilst remaining natural. The Gel like texture previously mentioned, achieves a high shine, salon like look. Also, despite earlier worries about the silver in polish, once on the nail, it looked very subtle and rather than being a key colour, just aided the gloss finish. 

Would I recommend it: I would definitely say, if you come across this product and find a colour you love, go for it. The unique consistency of this polish lends to long lasting wear and the finish is professional. 

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