Thursday, 7 March 2013

iPhone Addictions | fashion

Hello Beautifuls,

A quickie post about my latest obsession. 

My name is Mel and I'm an iPhone case addict.

Recently I noticed my iPhone case was looking, to say the least, a bit over used. 

I've had issues with iPhone cases since I got my phone. That may be the most #firstworldproblem statement I have ever writen. I've lost my phone twice since I've had it, so really this is iPhone4s 3of3.

Every time I lose my phone I lose another case. The first time I lost my beloved Cath Kidston case that was £35.00. I loved it so much, I replaced it with a 'similar' kind from eBay. On loosing my phone the second time, I did the same, but this time somehow got a rubbish version hence my phone looking like it does now.

So, now it's that time to invest again, but I'm feeling the pinch so need it to be in a budget. I spent a good few hours on Esty but I can't help but feel like I could get the same ones in eBay cheaper. So I know have about 1000 in my watch list. Leading me to the topic or question I want to discuss. 

Are iPhone cases the new handbag or shoes?

On my search I found myself rejecting patterns I like for the fear of it not looking right with certain outfits. Rejecting colours because they look to juvenile. I even picture holding it in my hand. I think this classifys a problem.

I also have noticed pictures of iPhone cases appearing as much as OOTD's, on instagram and fashion blogs. When did this happen, I don't remember this before, but now I feel, I can't even commit & I need various options.

So ladies and gents, do you have this issue. Let's all pretend this is the biggest thing we have contend with in our day's.

Until next time,



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