Friday, 29 March 2013

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Hello Beautifuls, 

This post is different to any I have every done before. Putting out personal beliefs or feelings, can be a scary move on the internet so I don't often do it. Today however is Good Friday, so an exception is being made. I wanted to use this platform as my way of walking the cross today. 

Walking the Cross is a international tradition observed by Christians, in order to outwardly depict the events of Jesus Christ's Crucifixion on this day all those years ago. 

I am someone who has friends of many different beliefs and many with no faith at all. This doesn't matter to me, we can all learn from each other. 

Today however for me, is realising, because of events occurring on this day, thousands of years ago, I can have faith in eternal life with a higher being that is God. Jesus's crucifixion means that when I make mistakes or make poor decisions I am forgiven and my journey can continue. Although many people might not feel the same, the strength, love and determination this belief has given me in this life, is unparalleled. 

I am not going to write much more, other than provide some information and links as to what Good Friday is really about. 

A Brief Description of Good Friday:

What Happened on Good Friday:

Jesus was arrested and was tried, in a mock trial. He was handed over to the Roman soldiers to be beaten and flogged with whips. A crown of long, sharp thorns was thrust upon his head.
Jesus was forced to carry his own cross outside the city to Skull Hill. He was so weak after the beating that a man named Simon, who was from Cyrene, was pulled from the crowd and forced to carry Jesus' cross the rest of the way.
Jesus was nailed to the cross. Two other criminals were crucified with him, their crosses were on either side of him. A sign above Jesus read "The King of the Jews.

Links for further information:

I would like to hear what Good Friday means to you, if nothing at all and if you learnt anything from these links. Thanks for reading. 

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