Monday, 25 February 2013

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Hello Beautifuls,

Today we're talking Body Butter. That product that made us all realise, apparently lotion or normal moisturiser just wasn't enough.

Many say a single picture can speak a thousand words. I agree. This is my Mango Thoughts Body Butter.

A product scraped out by its loving user. No matter it's cost, the swirling of fingers to collect every last spot speak of its value.

I confess, I am a girl with all the intentions of moisturising twice a day, this explains the HUGE 'goo hoard' I have managed to acquire. I apparently specialise in body lotions. So it's taken me a while to get down to using this gem, pushing some others further to the back of the trial pile, woops.

Ok, so to the product.

From the minute you open the lid, if you're into fruity scents, you will be in love. So many times when smelling a product it can be disappointing on application that it fades. Not this. Not only is it exactly the same scent from pot to skin, it lasts all day, whilst remaining subtle enough for it not to be too overwhelming. As the name suggests this beautiful body butter boosts fresh mango scents.

Texture. The nature of body butters, is to be richer than a normal everyday lotion in order to more deeply hydrate the skin. This product remains true to its name, however it is light enough to not be sticky. Thankfully avoiding the awkward dance around the room trying to dry off before getting dressed. Seriously though, the moisture really does last so well, it could be used as little as once in 3 days, maybe after exfoliation. This keeps lazies like me hydrated.

Likeness. The closest dupe I could go with is The Body Shop collection of scented body butters. As much as I love that range, this could be a more realistic option for more frequent use, especially if you lather it on as I do.

      - This product is available here at TreacleMoon direct on this link at only £4.05 plus p&p.

Would I recommend? If the overtly raving tone of this blog doesn't scream buy it to you, I will put it here. If you want to have baby soft skin and smell amazing all day and night long, definitely try this. Also at such a good price, it's worth giving it a go.

Let me know if you've tried this or want to know more.

Also credit to Ray & Tor from, OhWhoIsShe & ThatsPeachy off of, That'sPeachy, for hosting such a great event where I first found this product a few months ago :). Find them at FABB Events on twitter.

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