Saturday, 20 October 2012

My Skincare Routine | beauty

Hello Beautifuls, 

Its just come to my attention & I don't know why this post doesn't already exist on my blog. It's gonna be one of those, where everything is amazing, perfect & a must have... Prepare yourself.

I perfected, if I say so myself, my skin care routine about 2 months ago. After years of reading blogs & watching my fave beauty gurus on YouTube, I dove head first with my debit card & got myself all the products I had been wanting for along time.

First on the list, a Clarisonic Mia. I had been going back & forth on this one for a while. It was a big chunk of money at once & was scared it was gonna be another over hyped product. In my opinion, it's everything promised & more. Let's for the minute get past the fact I was sold instantly on the exquisitely girlie coral colour of my new toy, & actually get to why it's worth the money. I got mine at Space N.K for £120 by the way. A problem or key area all of us are looking to combat in good skin care is blemishes. My key area was my T zone, I often found exfoliators too harsh for everyday use. I can't tell you exactly how it works, but I honestly have never had such clear skin, well since I started wearing make up anyway. This isn't just from me having a organised skin care routine either, I think this is specifically down to the Clarisonic. With a push from the next products I'm going to sell you on of course, hah. A further issue I was keen on challenging was rosacea & hyper pigmentation. These were what really got me interested in the Clarisonic in the first place. I heard 'Miss Glamorazzi' or Ingrid mention a few times these were focus points of her's and that this really works. It does. Seriously, it'll even out your complexion so much you will realise how uneven it was before, when you hadn't even noticed. I was meant to be keeping this more brief, so I'm gonna move on now, but seriously it the results on rosacea have redefined 'good skin days' for me.

Next on the list, Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish [Hot Cloth Cleanser]. Maybe one of the most widely used products ever by beauty bloggers & gurus. I of course felt compelled to try it out & prove it right or wrong.

Until this point, I had always used cream cleansers with cotton wool & removed access when applying toner, I never really considered a 'washable' cleanser for evening. This has been revolutionary. I went to  Liz Earle with the intention of just buying the Cleanse & Polish, however, I must confess I do have slight cosmetic OCD & I love for everything to match. Therefore, really I was never leaving with that one product. So I went to the counter & I advise, if you're not looking to purchase that day, just don't go over to the counter because first of all the smell with make you want to leave with every product available, just a warning. Anyway, I pick up the Cleanse & Polish, & see the Skin Tonic next to it, smell it, & I am sold, next to this is the moisturiser. On advice from the consultant I am fully convinced in a matter of uses I will resemble Mila Kunis or Miranda Kerr. Although this, unfortunately hasn't happened yet. The products are amazing. I purchased all 3 over 2 months ago now & am yet to have to repurchase, which I definitely will be doing. Amazing value for money & the results & just over all feel of your skin with these products is beautiful. I will be posting another blog on some tips & tricks I have learnt along the way with them. I wanna finally add on Liz Earle, although they are a large cosmetic brand, a lot of the key ingredients are natural. It is important to me to know whats going on my skin, and all 3 are paraben free. Bonus right?

So finally on my list, the cheapest & simplest of them all. Tea Tree Oil. This is a product I have tried within other products over & over. I never saw the results I wanted, so decided to stick to the good old natural stuff. I don't use this all the time, but in the event I do have a small blemish, I apply this after my skin care routine at night & it zaps it straight away. Seriously, go & buy it. So quick, effective, cheap & natural, better than any 'spot treatment' I've used before. I have the 15% by BodyShop.

Thanks for reading ladies.. & gents. I hope this convinced you to make your bank frown but you smile like happens to me far too often with my beauty addiction. If you're more sensible however, Xmas is round the corner, hah.

Until next time, 



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