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Hello Beautifuls, 

Welcome to my first ever specific review, yay!

I am so excited to give you all the details on this great new product the amazing people at Xen Tan introduced me to! I hate to say it ladies, & gents, it's another one to add to that shopping list because it's good. 

It's tag line. A 10 minute 'facial in a jar'.

My Sample 

So, the details.

GlamGlow 50ml, retails at around, £39.99, depending on retailer [Links below to outlets where the product is available] Before you stop reading its like no other mask I've ever tried & you need to tiniest bit to achieve huge results. 

What makes it so good? GlamGlow contains, volcanic minerals, French sea clay & TEAOXI. The uniqueness of these ingredients is there adaptability. They are suitable for ALL skin types. Dry, Oily, Acne Prone or Ageing skin, even those suffering with rosacea. A side note is, its meant to tingle when first applied. Its a cooling, refreshing sensation so don't panic you're reacting badly to it, hah!

The unique formula contains amazing quality ingredients needed to activate the natural, moisturising collagen synthesis already within your own skin. As well as providing gentle resurfacing exfoliation, leading to tighter, brighter skin & reducing the appearance of pores. 

More about whats actually in this 'facial in a jar'.

Volcanic Minerals - Ancient rock minerals are ground down to create tiny buffing beads within the formula. I personally felt they were the perfect blend of rough & smooth. The benefits include, multi-level surface exfoliation, while stimulating microcirculation which induces, detoxifying & awakening results, reduces puffiness & minimises fine lines. 

French Sea Clay - This ingredient, dredged off the coast of Southern France, absorbs impurities & toxic substances, also infuses the skin with essential oils tightening pores. The real magic though, is when the sea clay works with the TEAOXI.  The combination of the two substances are what creates the tingling sensation when applying the mask. It's triggering 12 hours of collagen synthesis creating a glow lasting up to 3 days. 

TEAOXI - Teaoxi is patent pending, which sets this mask apart from the others. Its responsible for brightening the complexion, hydrating & balancing oil levels within the skin. 

My opinion & how it worked for me.

GlamGlow is recommended to be used up to twice a week, or when skin needs a specific boost. I cleansed my face towel dried, then applied a full coverage layer of the product all over my face. The tingling sensation I experienced was more cooling & refreshing. Personally, I liked this as it made me feel the product was really working & clarifying. After 10 minutes, when the mask was completely dry, I used warm water and worked in circular motions, as recommended to wash it off. The circular motions maximise the minerals exfoliation. 

Results. I am not exaggerating when I say my skin has never felt softer. I felt that the feel of my skin was where I noticed most difference. The look of my skin was obviously fresher when first using the mask. However, the softness & clarity of my skin is what seemed to last. This in turn maybe made it seem brighter. 

What I really loved about the product was the natural ingredients. If you a familiar with my opinion of chemicals in cosmetics you will know anything organic is a plus for me. So such fantastic results with natural, quality ingredients makes it worth the money.

So there you go! 

Here's the links, cause I know you want it now:$ja=kw:glamglow%7Ccgn:Glamglow%7Ccgid:5117329555%7Ctsid:36981%7Ccn:Search%7c%7cGlamglow%7c%7cBW%7Ccid:122555875%7Clid:23513847848%7Cmt:Exact%7Cnw:search%7Ccrid:24622991635&gclid=CPaom4qmvbICFUbMtAod5HkAlA

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