Monday, 17 September 2012

Blender, Sponge, Finger or Brush | beauty

Hello Beautifuls, 

To many, the above 4 options may seem a confusing.

However, us ladies & gents who strive for a natural tone, flawless finish & dewy glow on a daily basis, understand its not just about the product. Its about the tools & how you use it.

We're talking foundation application.

So I've tried & tested them all. As well, of course, as looking at my fellow beauty bloggers & vloggers opinions.

When I first discovered make up as a pre teen I went straight ahead & applied all my makeup with my fingers. I wasn't aware there was any other options! As time went on teen acne hit, oh what a beautiful time it was, so as a financially good option I bought a sponge block. Within a week all my product was practically gone. Ok maybe not a week but it was a product eater. It did however give a good coverage.

On a mission I was advised to use a brush to avoid too much oil transferring. I thought I had found the product for me.

However, my love for makeup & all things beauty grew. Watching more & more tutorials on YouTube I found a lot of my favourite makeup gurus didn't use brushes. I started to notice the finish was streaky, so off I hunted again. Enter the beauty blender.

A lot of bloggers mentioned applying the foundation with fingers help it blend because of the warmth. So I have found the routine for me. As much as I have felt this before I really think this is the best so far. So I apply the foundation it spots to areas of my face then buff with the beauty blender. Flawless finish if I say so myself.

The specific blender I go on best with was the L'oreal blender. I have tried others, however for the price I would recommend!

So ladies, go shopping!



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