Thursday, 2 August 2012

Essie Nail Polish | beauty

Hello Beautifuls, 

The great debate on Essie Nail Polish.

In summer there is nowhere I would rather bring a pop of colour than to my nails! In the heat you'll be wearing less so it's time to make sure every tiny detail is dressed properly! My nails of the day are these hot pink shimmery lovelies using, Essie - Miami Nice.

The debate is, does it bubble. In my experience no. I hear a lot of my fellow BBloggers complain of this problem! So, I did my research. On 'In Style's' Top Tips section on there app, it suggest waiting two full minutes before applying top coat & using a dehydrator such as, OPI - Bond Aid, before. So with these steps I think we're good to go!

Happy painting lovelies!

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